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Switching Hitting & Underlying Issues

Seductive Withholders

The Power of Forgiveness


The Ambivalent

Relationship Addicts

Wounded Healers

Getting it Right

How Therapy Works

The Process of Changing

The Imago

Unconditional Love


Treating Depression with Medication

Do You Want to Get Well?

Working the 12 Steps: Keeping it Simple

Articles on Elephant Journal

Articles on The Fix

Articles on Sivana East

The Ambivalent Love Addict

Typical Kinds of Love Addicts

Typical Kinds of Love Addicts (in Italian)

Are You a Love Addict?

The Pleasure Compulsion: Play It Again Sam

Teenage Love Addicts
Class material for educators

Recovery Life

Triangles: The Agony & Ecstasy

Crimes of the Heart

Putting Out the Flame of Desire:
More about Love Addiction

Is Love Addiction Different From Sex Addiction?

The Ingredients of a Healthy Relationship

The Progression of a Healthy Relationship


Stumbling Blocks to Change
Excerpt from The Art of Changing

Situational Narcissist

The Pros & Cons of Forgiveness

Daily Reflections and Kathy's Eulogy

Couples Compatibilty Test

The Outer Child

The Original Wound

Love Addicts and The Imago Theory

Taking Action

Becoming Dependent on an Abusive Partner

Putting Out the Flame of Desire

Spiritual/Christian Articles

Below are articles written by other authors
about love addiction.

Seductive Withholders

The Female Love Avoidant

Love Addiction and Christian Ideals

Love and Relationship Addiction

On Again Off Again Love Affair

Limmerence & Love Addiction

Domentic Abuse: Why Women Stay

Men are Abused Too!

Why Women Go Back to Bad Relationships

Relationship Addiction

How to Get Rid of an Obsession

On Again Off Again Relationships



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