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Letter of Recommendation


Dear Ms. Peabody:

This is so funny...I was SO intimated about contacting you, but felt an overpowering need to first personally thank you for reassuring me I had not completely lost it and offering me a way out.

When I discovered you were now offering life coaching. . . you didn't have to ask me twice!!! The only works I found that was on 'par' with yours were offered by authors Dorothy Tennov and Pia Mellody. Dorothy's work regarding limerences was fascinating, but very depressing as she claimed constantly it is tough if not impossible to treat- promising years of pain. If months experiencing these bizarre feelings was tearing up both my heart and pocketbook, Dr. Tennov's message of hopelessness and suggestions to 'deal with it' were not options for me.

Ms. Mellody's work was also very intriguing, but became complicated as she switched back and forth between love addiction and avoidance addiction. . . at one point I was simultaneously both and neither!

Once I read your books, I immediately found your work to be down to earth (free of annoying psycho babble), clear, concise, relevant, and full of hope. It was so powerful to turn the pages of your books and related and understand ME immediately. This personal identification with your work and examples were so powerful.

I knew I had found my "answer" when I came to the symptom of "smothering" one's POA (Love Addicts Anonymous term for person of addiction.) I knew in my heart you understood me at my worst! It was as if you had jumped out from the pages I was reading and "nailed" me right there. I immediately saw myself as a dump truck driver backing up and letting go of my load covering my fantasy love who had no earthly clue I had an intimate feeling at all for him!

I read your second book [The Art of Changing] as my addiction had escalated past the point of making no sense to me. It became my "bible" of hope as my therapist and I poured through the concepts of change you presented seeking how I might recover.

Thank you again! It has been my pleasure and miracle meeting you! I hope my POA enjoyed my strange and continuous love. . . as it is coming to an end very very soon. Time's up buddy as I'm moving on!!!!

Your grateful new client,
Sheryl R.

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