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Please contact me if you want to take the course. I will send you each lesson as a pdf file. After you read it, there will be questions that act as homework assignments. I will personally respond to each question in writing.

At the end of the course, we will discuss what you have learned using Skype. We will discuss a recovery program that suits you and then plan for new relaitonships coming into your life.

Email me when you are ready to start. This course is for individuals not groups.

The class is based on the class I taught at Piedmont Adult School for 15 years. It was my class notes that became my book, Addiction to Love.





Lesson 1

Typical Kinds of Love Addicts

40 Questions to Determine if you are a Love Addict

Lesson 2

Symptoms of Love Addiction

Lesson 3

Falling in Love with an Unavailable Person
Dual and Subsidiary Addictions
Progression of Love Addiction
Origins of Love Addiction
Progress not Perfection

Lesson 4

The Art of Changing
Taking Action
Stumbling Blocks
Its a Process

Lesson 5

Self Esteem

Lesson 6

Finding Spirituality in Recovery
Ingredients of a Healthy Relationship
Progression of a Healthy Relationship
Beward of Seductive Withholders
Beware of Narcissists
On the Horizon


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 love addict, love addiction, love addicts, sex and love addict